I have just helped a fellow 5e player set up their life domain cleric. However, we are both unsure whether the Disciple of Life feature should apply to them casting revivify, which they are able to cast as the party is level 9.

The DM is unavailable at the moment so I thought I’d ask the question to the greater world.

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Yes it should apply

The life domain cleric disciple of life states (emphasis mine):

whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to restore hit points to a creature, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 + the spell's level.

And the Revivify spell states that:

That creature returns to life with 1 hit point

A dead creature has no hit points. Revivify causes the creature to now have 1 hit point. This certainly qualifies as "restoring hit points".

So reviving a character with a 3rd level Revivify would start them with 6 hit points: 1 from revivify and 5 from disciple of life (flat 2 plus 3 from the level of the spell slot that was used).

See also this related tweet by Jeremy Crawford where it is implied that revivify does count as regaining hp:

Kari Suvivaara @suvivaara · Nov 15, 2014
@JeremyECrawford What happens upon casting Revivify spell to a creature killed by Chill Touch while CT hand is still clinging to the target?

Jeremy Crawford @JeremyECrawford · Nov 15, 2014
@suvivaara Cool spell interaction! The most straightforward reading is that revivify restores the target to life with 0 hit points.


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