So I had an idea, to bring about an RPG which has the same team-building, creativity, imagination and problem solving as D&D, but specifically without a great deal of violence. The go-to solution should not be to draw the sword.

I'd like it to focus on character, and ingenuity.

Instead of steadily becoming an untouchable warrior and spending a lifetime punching goblins, and a story being secondary, I'd like character development to be believable. (Let's face it, if I took to the streets with a sword, I wouldn't become an unstoppable barbarian, I'd become a foolish inmate).

The aim shouldn't be to save the world, but to improve it.

Perhaps players would, occasionally, feel they have to fight, but it would have to be because their characters really feel the need to do so, not just because they've seen a goblin.

It's a question of developing something, and how to replace the ever-present combat systems of most RPGs.

  • Of course, a good story has challenges to overcome, and conflicts.
  • How could I penalize a violent response, how do we make it clear that unnecessary combat is going to end badly?
  • Is there any sources out there for likely kinds of encounter? (For instance, a book which contains scene starters as building-blocks for writers)

Any advice is welcome.


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Virtually any game can be played this way. Perhaps ironically, systems with the deadliest combat might be the easiest to push this direction: GURPS and Hero System. Both are skill-based point-buy systems, and readily support "less violent" play styles. If your players are on board, you could easily wind up with a game where violent conflict is a rarity.


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