it says this:

Pop, Pop, Double Tap! Nothing is sexier than a big pistol, and the Columbus is 9 pounds of Black Steel. It has an innovative design configuration, with the top barrel firing, then the bottom barrel, reducing the kick from the double barrels. The unique clip design does have some flaws, it can jam easily, yet every shot is a Double Tap (see Savage Worlds core rules).

Does that mean that every shot is a Double Tap? Isn't that bad? This gun costs 2500 which is really expensive for a gun like this.


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Yes, the quoted section means every shot is a double tap.
In the core Savage Worlds rules, Double Tap provides +1 to the Shooting result and +1 to the damage total at the cost of two pieces of ammunition.

Effectively, the Columbus Twin-Barrel has 6 "shots", +1 Shooting, and deals an effective 2d6+2 damage. This makes it accurate and powerful but it goes through ammunition unusually quickly.


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