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Cantrips generally get more powerful as you progress in your spellcasting class.

The Spell Sniper feat allows casting a cantrip.

If you pick a Spell Sniper cantrip from another class will the damage increase? E.g. A level 6 Fighter takes the Spell Sniper feat and chooses Produce Flame. Would the damage be 1d8 or 2d8?


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Cantrips increase with your character level, which is independent of how many levels you have in spellcaster classes. If you are a multiclassed level 2 wizard, level 2 druid and level 2 cleric, you are a level 6 character for the purposes of Cantrip damage. The source of the Cantrip (spellcasting class, race, feat, etc) has no impact on this.

If a character has levels in more than one class, do the character’s cantrips scale with character level or with the level in a spellcasting class? Cantrips scale with character level. For example, a barbarian 2 / cleric 3 casts sacred flame as a 5th-level character. (Sage Advice Compendium V_2.0; page 11)

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