So, I'm going to be running a classic Mutants and Masterminds adventure next week, "Toys will be Toys". The crux of the game is the players racing their way through a series of rooms connected by passageways. Since this is a superhero game, there will be people moving at super-speed and teleporting. For the most part, I don't see an issue because most rooms include some situation that needs to be overcome, and there are some built-in brakes in some rooms that specifically target super-speed or teleporting. However, one room is specifically a maze and I find myself wondering how exactly one handles navigation of the branches without slowing things down to a crawl by asking them over and over again.

What's a good way to handle this? Have players provide navigation rules and present them with what they learn? Just give them a skill check to determine how long it takes them to bypass the maze? Slightly complicating things, the scenario has the walls shift if someone uses super-speed or teleportation within the maze (although it's not immediately apparent unless they're tracking a map and realize the maze doesn't make sense for a 2-dimensional unchanging layout).

This post has some interesting ideas for skipping a map entirely, but I'm specifically trying to figure out how to go about doing this in play-by-post where people typically say something like "I walk down the corridor" and it becomes very significant if they run into something 100 feet down a 200 foot corridor, but the other players have their own narratives potentially going on.


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I'm the author of Mipui, an online map editor where editing is collaborative and the maps are persistent, so I think it can be a great match for your scenario.

Create a map and share it to all your players, have each player have a token, and then anyone can move their token whenever they like and you can draw the map in response to their movement.

My app is 100% free, but if you don't like it then any editor which is collaborative and persistent can also work, for example Google Sheets.


It's not entirely clear to me whether you would consider skipping the map or not, but if yes then here's my take.

The Apocalypse Engine allows "custom moves" that can strip a scene to its core (usually stakes and players' decisions) and I think it would be a great fit for your concern.

Jason Cordova designed a really good maze move for Dungeon World, there is a discussion about it here, I think it could fit your game with some adaptation to the M&M system.


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