I'm currently playing an Undead Lord (a Cleric archetype) with the variant Undeath Channeling.

Undeath Channeling enhances the healing of channel negative energy by 50%. At level 8, the Undead Lord gain the Unlife Healer class feature, and his channel negative energy heals for an addition 50%.

Would this be calculated as:

  • adding 50% then 50% of the adjusted total? 4d6 +50% +50% (example: 21 + 10 (50% of 21) + 15 (50% of 31) = 46) adding 50% of the original roll twice;

  • or 4d6 +50% +50% (Example: 21 + 10 + 10 = 41)

I'm fairly certain it's the second one, adding 1/2 of the base roll twice, but I'm not sure. Also, with it adding (effectively) an additional 100% to the healing would it just add the full 21 for the two bonuses or would it add 10 twice?


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I suggest that the rule on combining multipliers gives the best indication. The Common Terms of the game are defined on page 11-13 of the Core Rulebook. On page 12:

Multiplying: When you are asked to apply more than one multiplier to a roll, the multipliers are not multiplied by one another. Instead, you combine them into a single multiplier, with each extra multiplier adding 1 less than its value to the first multiple. For example, if you are asked to apply a x2 multiplier twice, the result would be x3, not x4.

A 50% increase can be considered to be a x1.5 multiplier. So two 1.5 multipliers translate into a x2 multiplier, ie the second solution in your question. This would mean that as it is a 100% multiplier, you would add 21 rather than add 10 twice.


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