The Fancy Footwork ability of a rogue Swashbuckler (a subclass from SCAG/XGtE) says:

At 3rd level, during your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can't make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

It doesn't specify if the attack has to hit; it just says if you "make" an attack. Yet other similar abilities such as Mobile specifically say "whether it hit or not". So can the creature make an attack of opportunity on the swashbuckler if it missed the attack?

For instance, the description of the Mobile feat says (emphasis mine):

You are exceptionally speedy and agile. You gain the following benefits:
• When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not.

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The targeted enemy can't make opportunity attacks

Jeremy Crawford, rules designer for D&D 5e, addresses this question here:

does the Fancy Footwork feature of the Swashbuckler rogue require the melee attack to be successful?

Fancy Footwork works whether or not your attack hits.

This fits with the description of the feature; it only requires that you make the attack, but doesn't require it to hit.

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