A mage belonging to the Akashic brotherhood likes to carry his sword around, but that usually caters a lot of unwanted attention, and sometimes it is also unwieldy. So, he wants to create some hammerspace on himself or in one of his pockets, or under his coat (like highlander) to store it.

What kind of sphere or sphere combination could he use?

I have some ideas, but am unsure of their accuracy/feasibility:

  • Correspondence 2 - maybe pair a drawer with his pocket
  • Matter ? - change it to a pocket knife, release the transformation on action
  • Forces 2 - make it invisible, and hard to touch
  • Mind ? - localized SEP field
  • Spirit 7? - create realm seems really excessive, can it be lowered?
  • others?

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First off: Why a magical solution, if a mundane is as good as any? Take a duffle bag. (If someone wants to search it, the good old "These aren't the droids you're looking for" is still an option.) Or put it inside a cane. People would expect you to draw a sword out of a cane if you would have to fight with it.
Of course the cane method would require your character to have a cane with him what doesn't necessarily suite any person.

The magic way is also easy: Correspondence 2/Matter 1. You connect to the sword (hence Matter 1) and draw it from anywhere (Correspondence 2). So you could draw your sword from a drawer, a weapon rack, what have you.
But remember: You shouldn't draw a katana from your pocket but rather out of a coat (or a ... duffle bag).

Other magical ways? Yes: Matter 2/3 (I'm unsure with this one. If the sword is large enough to warrant 3, Correspondence should also be 3). You take a wooden sword with you and if you have to fight you "unsheathe" your sword. (Or your mentioned pocket knife.)
Mind 3 could be used to make everyone to not look at your sword. But that would be quite the feat and if I was your GM I would demand that you take everyone you encounter/meet or even just pass by into consideration and have to either make it affect the whole city/country your in or you have to weave every passerby into it (which would be demanding).

Forces 2 could make it invisible, but not immune/hard to touch. That would be Matter since you would "change" the material component of your sword.
A spirit realm would be possible, but as you wrote yourself, it would be quite excessive.

That are about all I could think of at the top of my hat. The problem with these solutions is that it a) has to fit your mages paradigm and character (see cane) and b) you have to think about the consensus.
I would rather go with the mundane solutions since every magic contains the possiblity of paradox. And if you don't play a High Magic (so to speak) game of Mage there can be quite the problems with paradox and consensus.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

  • \$\begingroup\$ I think you can make something "hard to touch" using forces. Like put up a repulsion field around it (it should repulse everything except you). That way, if it would hit someone walking by you, it will move away a little bit without touching the other person. Of course, that feature is really not useful in combat. :) \$\endgroup\$
    – P.Péter
    Jan 4, 2019 at 14:11

The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book by Emrey Barnes has the Summon Weapon rote (p. 63), which requires either Correspondence 3, Mind 1 or Matter 2, Prime 2, Mind 1. It allows the monk to summon a "... chosen sacred weapon, often a unique focus."

The Correspondence/Mind version is basically a "move the weapon to me" variation.

The Matter/Prime/Mind "forms, shapes and gives material structure to the weapon. Such weapons are often inferior and break on botched rolls."

The book goes on to say that this is a vulgar rote normally, but can be explained away by certain things (such as another answer's duffel bag.)


Step 1: Wear a trenchcoat

Any item has a conealability that is defined as Pocket, Jacket, Trenchcoat or N/A. Any item that can be concealed thus can be concealed under a trenchcoat. The first part is done.

Because Mage is style, add a Fedora for Noir and Casablanca vibes or any Stetson for Western vibes. For poshness, use an Overcoat and Tophat instead.

In the alternative to a Trrenchcoat, any object that can conceal your weapon of choice works too: everybody knows that a violin case can conceal a Chicago Typewriter, a guitar case is large enough for an assault rifle and a couple of pistols, and a contrabass could fit a setup machine gun or RPG that is otherwise not concealable. Other classics are suitcases for SMGs and pistols, or a duffle bag for anything up to a shortened rifle.

If you want to summon a particularly large gun, you better have a transporter without windows at hand.

Step 2: Summon your weapon under the coat (or in the box)

Summoning the weapon is, as noted by others, Correspondence together with Matter or you actually create the sword with Matter, Prime, and Mind under your coat.

Remember to consult the correspondence table for required success to summon specific items - 1 success requires you to have a part of the weapon at hand as you do it, 2 is for close items, 3 for your personal weapon rack, and if you want to summon Excalibur, you might need 6+ successes.

  • Corr 2 Matter 1 - Summoning a specific weapon you are very familiar with
  • Corr 3 Matter 1 - Summoning a weapon over a distance through a tiny portal. The biggest with Corr 3 is about the size of an assault rifle
  • Corr 4 Matter 1 - Summoning a particularly large weapon, but most of those fall under non-concealability. Anything that is particularly large, such as any entry in the "Military weapons" spreadsheet like a machine gun, 30mm cannon, flamethrower, or rocket launcher, but also any vehicle- or trailer-mounted gun (105 mm PAK). Remember: You need an appropriately sized box to make it without witness...
  • Corr 3 Mind 1 - Akashic version of summoning your weapon
  • Matter 3 Prime 2 - Creating a weapon you'd otherwise summon in your container
  • Matter 2 Prime 2 Mind 1 - Akashic version of creating a weapon - it's somewhat fragile

Counterstep: Forget summoning, speak softly and carry a big stick

If you want to walk through midtown with your Katana shown proudly, the 700 NE Elephant rifle on the shoulder, and 6 guns in front holsters under your trenchcoat and nobody looks at you strangely, there are other ways to get away with it.

  • Have Arcane/Concealing 5, so nobody actively notices you or instantly forgets it, even if you fire it.
  • Use Mind 3+ to achieve the effect of Arcane/Conceal temporarily as people just ignore the item and the alarms it triggers. Also works to make the cops believe it was 6 guys, not one.
  • Use Forces 3+ to make yourself or the weapon invisible to the eye and forces-based detectors (e.g. typical metal detectors). Congrats, you are the Hollow Man.
  • Get yourself Certification 5 with diplomatic immunity or a license to kill and flash it into the face of whoever asks you why you are allowed to do that.

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