I've got a player who wants to harvest the poison from a ghoul.

Is such a thing possible? If so, are there mechanics for this?

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Ghouls do not use poison

The source of a ghoul's paralysis is not overwhelmingly clear, but it appears to derive from whatever magic Orcus used to create them. The Monster Manual says:

Orcus transformed Doresain into the first ghoul.


an incursion by Yeenoghu, the demonic Gnoll Lord, robbed Doresain of his abyssal domain. [T]he elf gods ... took pity on him and helped him escape certain destruction. Since then, elves have been immune to the ghouls’ paralytic touch


RAW, there is no mechanic to "harvest" toxin from a Ghoul

This is because there is no "official" Ghoul venom in the game, though many people often believe so because Ghouls cause paralysis from the claws just like many poisonous creatures, they are immune to poison like several poisonous creatures, and also because they are creatures associated with diseases and poisons both in D&D lore and in myth.

So, in a RAW game, you cannot harvest Ghoul venom because Ghouls do not possess a venom or toxin to distill.

However, if you are looking to homebrew a solution, I would suggest looking no further than the Poisoner's Kit and crafting mechanics in the Dungeon Master's Guide, using Ghoul flesh as a component, should this fit with your campaign.

The rules for crafting poisons are summarized pretty-well in this answer, and are found on page 278 of the DMG:

During downtime between adventures a character can use the crafting rules in the Player's Handbook to create basic poison if the character has proficiency with a poisoner's kit. At your discretion the character can create other kinds of poison. Not all poison ingredients are available for purchase, and tracking down certain ingredients might form the basis of an entire adventure.

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