Amongst D&D players, especially those familiar with the Forgotten Realms setting, the existence of the Underdark is well-known. This world beneath the surface has even made it into many other campaigns, and into Pathfinder-related content.

I feel I must ask, since I cannot find an answer anywhere:

What is beneath the Underdark?

I'm limiting the scope of my question to the Forgotten Realms setting, since it's the canon setting as far as I'm aware.

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The Lowerdark

The Underdark is actually made up of several layers. The Upperdark, what normal people from the world above would call the caves and caverns underneath the ground, is the kind of place Dwarves and Drow would encounter one-another.

The Middledark is the Underdark proper as we know it. It's where all the 'Underdark' adventures take place, with Drow, Duergar and Mind Flayers.

The Lowerdark is even further down, and is a place where even the Drow fear treading. What limited information we have seems to suggest that the primary inhabitants are more Mind Flayers.

As for what lies beneath the Lowerdark? Nobody alive in Toril seems to know for certain. Some seem to think there's portals to the Plane of Fire, others think it's just more Mind Flayers and you'd be insane to try and find out.

Most information we have comes from the D&D 3.5 Underdark sourcebook.

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