The contingency spell requires that you "can cast" the contingent spell (of fifth level or lower).

A Ring of Spell Storing lets you store up to a single 5th-level spell by any caster (for example, a death ward cast by a friendly cleric) and later be able to cast it yourself (using the initial caster's modifier/DC if applicable) even if it's not normally on your list.

If you have a spell that you don't normally know inside your Ring of Spell Storing, can you then choose it as the contingent spell for contingency?


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Contingency requires the caster, "you" in the description, to expend spell slots for both spells at the time of casting contingency.

You cast that spell--called the contingent spell--as part of casting contingency, expending spell slots for both...

The spell slots for the spell in the ring were either expended previously, or by a different caster.

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