The contingency spell requires that you "can cast" the contingent spell (of fifth level or lower).

A Ring of Spell Storing lets you store up to a single 5th-level spell by any caster (for example, a death ward cast by a friendly cleric) and later be able to cast it yourself (using the initial caster's modifier/DC if applicable) even if it's not normally on your list.

If you have a spell that you don't normally know inside your Ring of Spell Storing, can you then choose it as the contingent spell for contingency?



Contingency requires the caster, "you" in the description, to expend spell slots for both spells at the time of casting contingency.

You cast that spell--called the contingent spell--as part of casting contingency, expending spell slots for both...

The spell slots for the spell in the ring were either expended previously, or by a different caster.

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