The order description for the Maker and Goetic grants a “general spell that [the character] has enough Sorcery to cast,” but it's not really clear what that means. Does that equate to spell level, or is it more complicated? So, if the PC has 6 points in Sorcery, does that allow them to know up to a 6th level spell?

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This section seems oddly worded, but is worded very precisely for a reason. First, some groundwork. The Way states (emphasis mine):

Spell or effect level is a single number that holds a lot of information. The cost to cast or perform a practice is equal to its level in Sorcery bene. Level is also the number you add to your venture when you cast or perform the practice to see if it takes effect.

There are a number of secrets that increase the Level of a practice, either by spending more Sorcery (Magnify Spells), or by increasing Level without increasing cost (the [Colour] Thumb secrets), however (to the best of my searching), there are no ways to get a discount to the cost of a spell.

This has several important implications. If my visla has the Pale Thumb secret, and a Sorcery of 6, they could spend 6 Sorcery, cast a Level 6 (base) spell, and it would come into existence as a Level 7 spell. However, if we do the check in reverse:

Does the visla have enough Sorcery to cast a Level 7 general spell?

The answer is no. Despite the specific situation of Pale Sun Spells, a Level 7 general spell will cost 7 Sorcery (as above), so my visla would not pass this check.

In other words, the mechanical check that the statement "general spell that [the character] has enough Sorcery to cast" implies is:

Does the visla have enough Sorcery to cast [this spell]? for any given spell.

If the answer is yes, then they can learn that general spell as a part of the char-gen and/or joining the order.


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