Does the damage from the Warlocks class feature Warlock's Curse get the Psychic?

... we've just had a combat and the monsters have Vulnerability Psychic


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No [DDI]

The warlock's curse damage is untyped ... like the extra damage for most other strikers

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No, unless you use mindbite scorn

If you're a sorcerer-king warlock with the feat mindbite scorn, you get:

Your Warlock’s Curse extra damage increases by 1d6, and this additional damage is psychic.


The Warlock curse is a class feature that merely adds extra damage when you attack. As stated in the feature on page 131 of the PHB

A cursed enemy is more vulnerable to your attacks. 
If you damage a cursed enemy, you deal extra damage.

There is no type to it, it's just extra damage.

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