Rolling a 1st level Dwarf Knight (from Hero of the Fallen Lands). He has a strength of 18 so a str mod of +4. I've calculated the Attack Bonus as (+4 str mod.) + (+3 weap. prof from longsword) = +7

My question is - How does the Damage work for this? (basic melee). Do I add the weapon proficiency bonus to the damage as well? ie. 1d8+7 ? or, is it simply 1d8+4 (using the str modifier only)

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A weapon's proficiency bonus adds only to accuracy.

With your 18 strength, +4 strength modifier and longsword, your attack is:

+7 versus AC // 1d8+4 damage

A 2[W] attack with your longsword would then be:

+7 versus AC // 2d8+4 damage

At higher levels, you add half your level to your accuracy, but not your damage. At level 11, then, with a 22 (+6) strength, +3 magic longsword, your attack would be:

(+6 strmod +3 proficiency +3 enchantment + 5 half-level) =

+17 versus AC // 1d8+9 damage.

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