Let’s assume I'm playing a Shadow Dancer, epic level 70 or so. If I summon my shadow, can I polymorph it? If so, what are the limitations: can I polymorph it to be me and have a "doppelganger" of sorts? Would I still have control?

I had a fun idea of having a sort of “clone”, but one that acts as a completely commanded version under my control.


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The description of Polymorph includes the following sections:

Target: Willing living creature touched

Incorporeal or gaseous creatures are immune to being polymorphed...

The description of a Shadow in 3.5e (MM p221) categorises it as:

Medium undead (incorporeal)

The Polymorph spell simply cannot target the Shadowdancer's summoned Shadow, because it is not a valid target.

This principle is extended to all Polymorph-type spells in the discussion of these on page 96 of PHB II:

Incorporeal or gaseous creatures are immune to polymorph spells, as are creatures of the plant type.

I suggest that polymorphing a shadow would be a sub-optimal strategy even if your GM house-ruled an exception. If you want something that looks like a clone of you under your control then there are much easier ways - the Seeming spell could be cast on your Shadow, or polymorph a familiar, animal companion or hireling.

This answer addresses 3.5e rather than Pathfinder based on the title text of the question.


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