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How do marks interact with dual attacks?

The Yuan-Ti as referenced here makes a slam attack against a defender and a non-defender as a single action.

Would that "single action" which involves two attacks (with distinct damage rolls) violate the defender's mark?

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I presume that the Yuan-Ti is using Double Attack in order to "make a slam attack against a defender and a non-defender as a single action"

Double Attack (standard, at-will) Poison The yuan-ti anathema makes two slam attacks, each against a different target.

Each of the attacks made possible is a separate attack. This power grants action economy - do a pair of things that normally would each be standard actions, for the cost of a standard action. The power does not help work around defender marks.

This differs from a Blast or Burst which is both a single action and a single attack and so can be used to work around defender marks.


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