The fighter's Extra Attack feature (PHB, p. 72) says:

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Assuming I am holding two different weapons, and don't want to spend my bonus action on Two-Weapon Fighting, can I attack once with each?


You can use different weapons

This is answered on the SA Compendium:

When you use Extra Attack, do you have to use the same weapon for all the attacks? Extra Attack imposes no limitation on what you use for the attacks. You can use regular weapons, improvised weapons, unarmed strikes, or a combination of these options for the attacks.

This means that if you are holding two weapons you can indeed make one attack with each using extra attack


Yes, you can use different weapons.

Nothing in the text of Extra Attack states which weapon or which hand or whatever you attack with, so you may attack with any weapon. If you are currently holding two weapons, you may attack once with one, once with the other.

You could also potentially attack with one weapon, drop it and draw another weapon with your free object interaction, and attack with that as your second attack. Nothing about Extra Attack says you are restricted even to weapons you are holding at the time (so long as you have the action economy necessary to grab more weapons; i.e. the free object interaction).


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