Parry is a stat calculated from 2 + half of the character's Fighting die. For untrained skills, a character would roll d4-2. Is this -2 taken into consideration when calculating Parry?


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Parry is 2 + half Fighting skill. If Fighting is untrained then the fighting skill is 0, though like all Untrained Skill rolls you'd roll d4-2 when you make a Fighting roll.

A character with untrained Fighting has Parry 2. Incidentally, this is the same as the Parry of an inanimate object, like a brick wall.

This is in the rule book, Chapter One: Character Creation, under Traits. For the current Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, that's on page 17.

Parry is equal to 2 plus half your character’s Fighting (2 if a character does not have Fighting), plus any bonuses for shields or certain weapons. This is the Target Number (TN) to hit your hero in hand-to-hand combat.

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    \$\begingroup\$ Your quote actually reads, to me, as if you'd add 2 for Fighting. The parenthetical seems to refer to "half your character's Fighting", not the total. \$\endgroup\$ – AndruC Aug 29 '18 at 23:02
  • \$\begingroup\$ @AndruC Then you're reading it incorrectly. Because it is meant to say "Your Parry is 2 if Fighting is untrained", as clarified repeatedly in the PEG forums Official Answers. \$\endgroup\$ – ValhallaGH Aug 30 '18 at 3:43

The Parry score is only calculated from the fighting dice, not from the fighting skill. If you are untrained in fighting, then your skill is d4-2, but your fighting dice is actually non-existent.

Therefore if you are untrained in fighting, your parry is half of nothing (0) + 2 = 2.


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