After reading through Heroic Feat resolution rules in Castle Falkenstein multiple times, I'm still quite confused how it works exactly.

  1. When a player performs Heroic Feat, she uses one or more cards from her hand, which bonus depends on matching suit. Host also plays one card from his hand, but:

    • a) Does the host have to match suit to type of feat as well, or does it always work with full effect?
    • b) Is the player choosing his card first or after host or do they do it simultaneously?
  2. Is there some special rule about combining non-matching suits? In one place it seems that all non-matching suit cards are worth one point each. In another, it says,

    you can combine those Spades and Clubs and add them to your Ability just like you would if you had used a Heart,

    which hints at equivalence of combined suits to matching suit.

  3. Is there anything discouraging players (mechanically) from dumping all low cards for extra points (even non-matching suits) on irrelevant activities to stack their hands with high value cards in preparation for more important tasks?


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