The Player's Handbook (p. 148) (and the Basic Rules) state about silvered weapons:

Some monsters that have immunity or resistance to nonmagical weapons are susceptible to silver weapons [...]

Which monsters have immunity or resistance to non-silvered non-magical weapons?


Resistance to Non-Silvered Non-Magical Weapons

  • Amnizu (MTF)
  • Bael (MTF)
  • Barbed Devil
  • Bearded Devil
  • Black Abishai (MTF)
  • Blue Abishai (MTF)
  • Bone Devil
  • Chain Devil
  • Deathlock (MTF)
  • Deathlock Mastermind (MTF)
  • Erinyes
  • Geryon (MTF)
  • Green Abishai (MTF)
  • Hellfire Engine (MTF)
  • Horned Devil
  • Hutijin (MTF)
  • Ice Devil
  • Imp
  • Merregon (MTF)
  • Moloch (MTF)
  • Narzugon (MTF)
  • Night Hag
  • Nupperibo (MTF)
  • Orthon (MTF)
  • Pit Fiend
  • Red Abishai (MTF)
  • Spined Devil
  • Titivilus (MTF)
  • Warlock of the Fiend (VGM)
  • White Abishai (MTF)
  • Wight
  • Wraith
  • Zariel (MTF)

Immunity to Non-Silvered Non-Magical Weapons

  • Jackalwere
  • Lycanthrope (Werebear, wereboar, wererat, weretiger, werewolf)
  • Yeth Hound (VGM)

Note: Most of these are devils, fiends, or undead.


Unless otherwise indicated by the abbreviations below, the monsters above are listed in the Monster Manual.

MTF = Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

VGM = Volo's Guide to Monsters

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