In DnD 5e - Does anyone know what the rationale behind making the base DC of a spell saving throw 8 instead of 10? Most attacks, passive attributes, spell attacks use 10 as the base. The average of a d20 die roll is 10.5 (rounded down would be 10).

8 seems like a very specific choice and slightly arbitary.

This information is not included in the PHB, DMG or anything as far as I can tell. Have the designers talked about it anywhere?


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It makes the DC for an 'average' level 1 character 10

The save DC of a spell includes the PC's proficiency bonus, as a means of scaling with levels, in the same way as attacks (that the character is proficient with, obviously). If this weren't included, spells that use saves would fall behind attacks slightly in terms of effectiveness.

Since the spells using save DCs should have a meaningful chance of both success and failure (otherwise why bother rolling), a base of 50% seems reasonable, which is ~10 for a d20 without bonuses. But since the proficiency bonus needs to be worked in and starts at +2, using 8 makes it a 10 at base.

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