I never played the "board" D&D games; my experience is limited to what is available via "classic" PC games. But I'd like to try D&D with the real players in real life at the board with the real DM holding a session (obviously - because it has to be so much better, right?)

Now the problem of why I didn't try yet is - in all of my play-through in different games and different times I always was leaning towards one archetype of a character. I don't want to discuss what exactly is that archetype, but I think it is something which will limit my freedom and overall game experience when applied to a real session.

How to deal with it? How to not fall into the same archetype when creating character again and again? To clarify my concerns:

  • I've read here (on this site) that death is common and it has consequences. Cool concept, I'm all for it. But then I will create another character... of the same archetype and likely the same attributes/backstory elements. I assume it won't be great and people will object.
  • DM may object to my chosen archetype. I don't have the reason "why" - it's not like it's a disruptive/abusive type of character in any way, but if the DM decides to object - I'm sort of "out of game" then. And I understand that DM is in the power to object and I'm fine with it.

Further note: I've read the "my guy" syndrome and I believe it not to be the case as it's only about the choices I made when defining my character, not playing it. I might by wrong though.

I also have no idea how to properly tag this question - so if you can correct me, it would be great.


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Randomly generate a new backstory.

When I DM, I randomly generate NPCs quickly using dice and lists of character options and personality attributes. You can do the same when making a player character.

The exact tables are going to vary depending on which edition of D&D you're playing, but the general idea is e.g. roll 1d8 if your system has eight character classes.

To choose a personality trait, I find a convenient table to be Pokémon's list of Natures.

You might also use an online random character generator or NPC generator, such as the Donjon random NPC generator

Another method is to ask each player at the table to come up with a new character concept for you, and then you choose whichever one you like best, or choose one at random by rolling dice.

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    \$\begingroup\$ In 5e there's also a "background" system that gives a lot of the same kind of detail. These have similar tables for flaws, bonds, etc. \$\endgroup\$ – GalacticCowboy Oct 10 '18 at 14:07

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