I’m playing a Warforged monk who has an affinity for small, cute things. So, On a mission, we came across a halfling automaton. Its programming was too ingrained and we had to break it. I may have stolen the body.

Is there a way for me to fix it and use it as a playable character/companion? How would I go about doing that? And what’s it going to cost me?

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Have House Cannith do it

There are no RAW as far as I could find, so everything listed below is up to your DM, but here is my interpretation based on the Eberron setting and the currently released material for Eberron.

In Eberron, almost all constructs and such are made by house Cannith or one of their licensed workshops. So if you have a broken automaton it would be logical to go to he nearest house workshop/enclave and inquire about repair services.

The fact that you also need to reset its programming only enforces this need to find an expert, as simply fixing all the broken parts would mean you would get the same ingrained enemy as you already defeated.

Determining cost is hard, and can be up to the DM, but I would suggest that the House requests a service instead of gold. This could be anything from looking for rare materials needed for the repairs to a job Cannith needs doing that they see as equivalently valuable.

If you want to do it yourself, or avoid House Cannith, you could try some tinkering tool checks to fix it and at least one very hard check to fix its programming. You could instead find an independent Artificer and hope he/she has the skills for the job.


Obviously it's GM's discretion but I would say since it's relatively small a tinker's tool check would be applicable? If not smith's tools perhaps

I doubt there is anything RAW on this so it would be a conversation with your GM. If he wants to make it more difficult and interesting there could be a quest to find a power source, heart or brain for it.

If he makes it hard for you hopefully it will be a useful item when it's repaired :)

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