Can you teleport a monster vertically up and thus do them the D10 per 10' falling damage?


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Yes, but they get a saving throw.

Teleporting them in the air counts as teleporting them into potentially damaging terrain, therefore they get a save. A successful save negates the teleport.

Hindering Terrain:

A type of terrain that hinders creatures, usually by damaging them. Examples: Pits, lava, and deep water. A creature can make a saving throw when it is pulled, pushed, slid, or teleported into hindering terrain. See also teleportation.


Yes. From the compendium:


*Irrelevant rules snipped*

If arriving in the destination space would cause the target to fall or if that space is hindering terrain, the target can immediately make a saving throw. On a save, the teleportation is negated. Otherwise, the target arrives in the destination space.

Afterwards, normal rules for falling would apply.

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