Can you enchant a plain +1 item to a +1 with property?

The Enchant Magic Item [ddi] says ... Alternatively, you can use the ritual to upgrade a common, uncommon, or rare item to a more powerful version of the item that is 5 levels higher.

Which I read as e.g. +1 sword to +2 sword, or +1 Flaming Sword to +2 Flaming Sword, but could you do +1 Sword to +1 Flaming Sword ?


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What you have to do in this case is use Disenchant Magic Item get the residuum (at 20%/50%/100% (depending on rarity)) and then use Enchant Magic Item to put the enchantment you want on the item, paying the full cost.

You can only use it to upgrade the current enchantment.


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