I know firing indoors has the potential to hit walls, hulls and equipment, but from the rules this is potentially an additional armor value if a player or npc has cover. I also see where some combat tasks are hazardous if untrained. What I can't find is if firing indoors should be considered hazardous and failures (or fumbles) roll on the failure and potentially mishap tables. (Like a hull breach if it penetrates or a ricochet otherwise.)

Is this covered anywhere? I have both the original Traveller 2300 rule books (Referee's and Players' guides) and the 2300AD CDROM canon (which includes the Adventurers' and Director's guides).

Traveller 2300 was renamed to 2300AD, some changes were made and quite a few rules were expanded or added. I'm only curious about Traveller 2300 independently if rules that cover this are only in one edition or are different between the editions.


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If they use hot weapons, or especially penetrative weapons, or if they fire at dangerous things. Richochets are not a noted issue.

p8 of the Director's handbook notes this as an example.

To disarm an unexploded warhead

Other examples include this, from the Kafer Sourcebook p56.

Firing a Kafer weapon is considered "Hazardous," requiring a 3D6 roll on the Failure fable. Depending on the situation, mishaps may result in injury to the character (trauma from the recoil in firearms, burns from unshielded or hot surfaces in plasma or laser weapons).

So, as a general principle, a hazardous task involves risk of explosions, recoil, burns or such, not accidentally shooting yourself. Is that likely to happen if you fire indoors, such as on a ship?

In some ships no. See p5 of Star Cruiser

Some ships have an armored hull. If so, this is noted on the ship status sheet. Armor protects the ship's internal components from damage but provides no protection for surface fixtures. Thus, a hit on a surface fixture of an armored ship is resolved normally.

An armored, military ship is certainly not going to be vulnerable to small fire. Are ships in general vulnerable to weapons fire? Maybe. See page 46 of the Nyoketundo sourcebook

Practice Lasers: Three laser weapons are also among the gym stores of the Andrew Carnegie. One Mueller-Rivera P-3 pistol and two Gonzalves-Brazilia "Luce-3" laser rifles are used for marksmanship practice on board by those persons with an interest in shooting. Practice lasers, however, are not combat-ready. They have been heavily modified to make them no more harmful than a particularly bright flashlight, since having live laser weapons on board could be very hazardous to everyone. It would be possible, however, to reconvert these weapons to combat use (as described in Onboard Systems). Until these conversions are made, the weapons are useless; once converted, their stats are as given in the player handbook.

So, generally, combat inside with laser weapons or similar hot weapons (explosives, plasma weapons, heat weapons etc) should be considered generally hazardous if having things set on fire and burnt through. Combat around key systems should be considered more hazardous. If you open fire into your main reactor, more risk. Weapons with a more powerful penetrative capacity would also be more of a risk. Firing a high powered sniper rifle is more dangerous than firing a pistol.

It is a judgement call by the Referee, but, there are situations as above that make it more likely or less likely. Simply firing guns isn't an innate issue, but firing them around sensitive equipment may be, and firing exotic guns may be an issue.


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