Mirror image (PHB, pg. 260) is a spell that has a casting time of 1 action, and a duration of 1 minute. My question is, can you cast Mirror image twice on successive turns, gaining 6 images by turn 2?

Sample Turns:

Turn 1: Mirror Image (3 images)

Turn 2: Mirror Image again (6 images, with 3 of them lasting 1 turn less)

Since Mirror Image doesn't require concentration, there should be no interference between the 2 casts in terms of concentration. I know that this could be up to DM Fiat, but I was wondering if there was a proper interpretation of the printed rules for this situation.


Only one casting of Mirror Image will be active

The PHB says in Chapter 10 under "Combining Magical Effects" (PHB pg. 205):

The effects of the same spell cast multiple times don't combine, however. Instead, the most potent effect - such as the highest bonus - from those castings applies while their durations overlap.

Therefore, only one of them will actually have their effect active. They are still both cast, though, so if one was cast later, then when the first one runs out, the second will "kick in" for as long as it has left (assuming the first was considered the "most potent").

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    \$\begingroup\$ That's somewhat similar to them stacking, though, since if the first spell is reduced to 2 images then the second spell is now more potent until it's reduced to 1 and so on. \$\endgroup\$ – Please stop being evil Nov 15 '18 at 8:52
  • \$\begingroup\$ @thedarkwanderer I was wondering that myself; I thought that was an interested enough question on its own that I've made a question for it. \$\endgroup\$ – NathanS Nov 15 '18 at 9:01

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