I decided to select the Ranger class for my first campaign. I used Treantmonk's Guide to Rangers (switch hitter) for my first build. I added Beastmaster and Skirmisher to supplement my expected play style and to compliment my group composition.

My question is; In his example build he nets 2d6+9 damage from a Greatsword at first level as a human with 18(+4) Strength. I have no idea where his +9 is coming from. 2d6 base damage plus 1.5x Strength modifier = 2d6+6 damage. This is reflected in my Hero Lab character sheet. What am I missing?

Human 15 point stat buy

Str (+2 racial): 18 (10) Dex: 13 (3) Con: 13 (3) Wis: 13 (3) Int: 10 Cha: 7 (-4)

Raise the Dex at level 4, the Con at level 8, the Wis at level 12, and Str at levels 16 >and 20.

Level 1: Feats: Power attack/Cleave: At this level the character is a Greatsword Wielder. With a Breastplate he has a 17 AC, and 12 HP (for first level not too bad). His to hit with his Greatsword is +4, and damage is 2d6+9 (pretty good)

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Those are your stats when using the Power Attack feat.

You are correct: your normal to hit and damage would be +5/2d6+6; but if you use Power Attack with a two-handed weapon, you trade a -1 to hit for a +3 to damage. Try checking the Power Attack feat usage in Hero Lab to see a change into your attack stats.

Note: 's Power Attack is better than its version (which, instead, grants a -1/+2 trade off with two-handed weapons).

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