I have been playing D&D for nearly 2 years with the same character, a female elven monk who is a sage librarian. I was previously in a party where role playing wasn't pushed as much as it is in my current party. So we basically played any way we wanted but in my current group it's different.

The party I am currently in consists of 4 guys, including the DM, and myself, the only girl. One of them is a bard, the other a druid, and the last is a fighter. They all have rich backstories and interesting characters while mine falls kind of flat.

The other members have also been playing with each other for a long time, are friends outside of the party, and just find roleplaying to be a bit easier. This has lead to my DM reaching out to me and asking me to try to role play better. I am kind of having difficulty with this because I have not played in a way that roleplaying is necessary rather than encouraged.

I enjoy the occasional roleplaying but I am more into the actual fighting aspects of the game. This makes it kind of difficult to get into character. I just kind of need some strategies, mainly ideas of what other people do and have done, for fleshing out a character in such a way that role playing is made a bit easier or at the least, a bit more enjoyable for all.


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