In one of my recent D&D sessions, one of the members of the party (rogue) tamed a wild turkey. Since then, the rest of us have wanted a companion/pet as well (ex: Blood Hawk, Bat, etc.). Are there certain rules for animal-taming? Or is it completely up to the DM? Because with the turkey, they tamed it in one roll.

Please note that none of us are Rangers or beast-masters.

And we are playing in Adventurers League (the DM usually decides whether to use a rule or not).

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Ask your DM if Animal Handling is right for you

There is no RAW for this, and as this is an AL game, I would advise you to talk to your DM on what he will allow and how he wants to handle this.

As the rogue apparently already managed to tame a turkey, I assume the DM already has a method he likes to use, but if not you can look for ideas at the answers to: What are the rules for owning and training animals?.


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