What I mean by "off screen" are events that occur in other towns or in the world without the players being there to witness them. I have plenty of ideas for things for players to see, but I don't want to waste narrative or otherwise interesting plot on off-screen events.

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    Hi, and welcome to rpg.se! I recommend taking a look through our FAQs and guides. Your question is attracting close votes because it's very broad and subject to opinion. SE sites do better with questions which have an objective answer. I recommend editing your question to focus on a specific issue or question. If you need help, once you have enough rep you can come ask in the chat! – thatgirldm Dec 5 at 2:30
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    This question is fairly confusing. You want interesting things to act as 'off screen' events, but you don't want to waste narrative or interesting plot on them? Are you talking about rumors that the players find out about third hand and after the fact, or cutscenes that you describe to the players even though their characters aren't actually there? In any case, this question is way too broad-ranging. If you can narrow it down to something more specific, you might get some more useful answers. Brainstorming isn't really something Stack Exchange does. – Darth Pseudonym Dec 5 at 2:32
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    We have no information about your world and what could happen there, and even if we do have, there will be infinite events that could happen, and we have no way to know what will be of interest to your players. It is better if you ask about "how to narrate off screen events to interest your player", but I believe that has already been asked here before. – Vylix Dec 5 at 2:36

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