Playing D&D 5e. I always like to come up with a good story explanation for what really happens when an attack roll is 1. Some of them are easy (e.g. dropping a sword which causes them a delay to retrieve it on the next round, or the archer who is firing over the halfling's head accidentally hits the halfling).

However, I'm running out of new and interesting crit fail explanations and would like some of your interesting suggestions.

One that I've used for casting spells: When the wizard crit fails on the attack roll for Frost Bolt, their hand freezes up a bit and their next attack roll has a -2 because their fingers are hard to move in subtle ways.

The mechanics don't always need to be different, but I'm looking for fun story explanations.

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    You need to specify which system you're using. This site handles lots of TTRPGs, not just D&D, and even for D&D, the rules for Critical Failures vary depending on which edition you're playing. – Xirema Dec 6 at 19:13
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