I have a very strange party of players. It's not their characters, but my friends themselves.

They seem to want the Hobbit but with no deaths, lots of XP at level 1, weak and slow zombies, and relationships. It's D&D, and my friend wants to go out with my other friend.

I plan to run a game with many battles, many losses, ships, bosses, and OP sorcerers.

Please, tell me what I should do to make them happy, yet not add CSI, soap opera elements, or Rambo to the mix.


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You have different expectations for the game and need to discuss that.

You need to discuss your expectations for the game with the players and either reach a consensus or cancel the game and find some other activity. Aside from the very rare professional GM or paid play-tests, role playing is a recreational activity and generally if it is not fun you are better off walking away than staying with a game that not everyone is enjoying.

With that said, this can probably be worked out if you discuss what you want. You seem to want a somewhat gritty game with a tactical emphasis. This is a great playstyle and quite common in DnD. It is not the only one.

Your players seem to want to play powerful characters on a light-hearted high-adventure type situation. This is also a fine playstyle (the one I indulge in more often than not, personally).

But the two are hard (not impossible) to reconcile. You need to talk to your players and either find some middle ground that everyone will enjoy or find a different social activity with them. There are various suggested tools that might help you find common ground, including the Same Page Tool.


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