Season 4 of Missions takes place in Seattle, and there are a number of common themes among those adventures. Some SR5 adventures seem to share or follow-up on some of those themes.

Obviously it would make sense to play them all in chronological order, but I'm sure a lot of adventures don't need to fit in that chronology at all, and others may be moved around with trivial work.

So which of those Missions and other adventures really need to be played in a specific order? Which need to be played early in a campaign if you're going to play them at all, and are better skipped once you've done a certain follow-up adventure? Which should not be skipped if you plan to do the follow-up adventure? Which ones fit best together in the first place?

For example, I believe Copycat Killer, Silver Platter and Carbon Copy share a common theme, with Silver Platter and Carbon Copy being sequels to Copycat Killer, but less related to each other than to Copycat Killer. I don't know them well enough to be sure this is true, but I imagine that if I wanted to do Copycat Killer, it should definitely be the first, but the order between Silver Platter and Carbon Copy matters less.

I suppose this could be written down something like:

Copycat Killer -> [Silver Platter,Carbon Copy]

I also get the impression that Carbon Copy stands better on its own (without Copycat Killer) than Silver Platter does.

How are other Season 4 and SR5 missions/adventures connected? Feel free to include adventures outside Seattle if they share Seattle-based themes. (For example, Denver-based Serrated Edge seems to share a common Seattle-based theme, even referring to Brackhaven.)

This question is largely inspired by the observation that Splintered State seems to work best as the finale to a bunch of Season 4 Missions.


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