From the Deck of Many Things (DMG, p. 164):

Throne. You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill, and you double your proficiency bonus on checks made with that skill. In addition, you gain rightful ownership of a small keep somewhere in the world. However, the keep is currently in the hands of monsters, which you must clear out before you can claim the keep as yours.

It says "somewhere in the world"; does this mean on the Material Plane, or could it potentially be on any plane of existence? I know it's left intentionally vague to allow the DM more flexibility, but I wondered if "the world" at least implies the Material Plane...

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The rules don't specify this. I have run the Throne a couple of times, and seen it run by other DMs. A couple of things that seem implicit in the card:

  • You know where your keep is.
  • You know how to get there.

Those seem to suggest that it's somewhere you can go with reasonable efforts: it's not a very favourable card if just getting to the keep costs more than its value. So I'd expect to put it somewhere relevant to the campaign, that the characters can reach, and where having a base would be advantageous.

  • For a character planning their retirement, it might be somewhere fairly safe.
  • For a character who wants to start adventuring on other planes, it might indeed be on another plane, but there would be a reliable way of getting there.
  • For a character who already has connections to another plane - which might be as simple as a wizard who concentrates on fire magic - it might have a gateway to that plane.

Overall, the Deck of Many Things is a very dangerous item, so it's worth customising the rewards, if there are any, to the character who risked it.


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