I plan to GM The Enemy Within campaign for WFRP 1st Edition. I'm new to GMing and need to form a group of players. What would be the smallest or best group size?

I see in the 1E rulebook they recommend at least 2 players. Is this the same for TEW? It is worth noting that a Facebook group for WFRP 1E has suggested 2 players playing 2 characters each.

Note that I am looking for the minimum group size while still staying true to the sourcebook.

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I've run this campaign a few times and wouldn't even attempt to run it with less than 3 characters and would recommend a minimum of 4 (assume that on some game sessions one person can't make it).

The various challenges in the campaign require different skills that you are unlikely to find in a too-small group. And in various encounters the groups can be easily wiped out if there are only 2 of them and they have unlucky dice.

As far as I remember there is no officially stated minimum, but the campaign was clearly written with a normal group of characters in mind, i.e. about 4 characters with diverse skills.


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