The Werewolf supplement Book of the Wyrm describes the Pentex Corporation and other Wyrm-tainted stuff. Pages 37-39 list 21 fictional corporations owned by Pentex.

A couple of these were instantly recognizable to me as parodies or references to real-world business. For example, "Endron International", a petrochemical company infamous for large oil spills, is a parody of the Enron Corporation (which has a branch called Enron International). Enron was a global energy company with diverse business interests which was accused of ignoring pipeline leaks.

Which of these 21 corporations are parodies or references to real-world businesses?

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Endron International

A reference to the Enron Corporation. Both are primary energy companies (Endron is an oil company, Enron was focused on electricity and natural gas) that have become conglomerates with diverse business interests. Enron also had a division called Enron International.

Avalon, Inc.

Similar to Avalon Hill, a publisher of wargames and strategy board games. Like Avalon Inc their games are focused on war and violence.

King Breweries and Distillers

A reference to Anheuser-Busch. They produce Budweiser which is marketed as the "king of beers". Like King Breweries, they have been accused of marketing their products to teenagers.

Black Dog Game Factory

A reference to White Wolf Publishing. Many of White Wolf's games are about supernatural creatures and their conflicts with each other and mortals. Black Dog's games are about "tragically hip antiheroes who kill and maim the uncool mortals in their paths, all the while moaning about their tortured souls."

Black Dog also was White Wolf's imprint label for "supplements with mature and adult themes" (here).


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