I'm getting up to date with Mage the Awakening 2ed and something really bugged me:

In comparison with first edition and the Ascension, which includes success as damage (e.g. for an attack spell), in 2ed the caster must increase potency by removing dice from the pool (-2d for every +1 damage).

This is nice because the mage can have more control over the effect (a single success still deals full damage) but I see a couple cons:

  1. Including yantras and willpower, the mage can add more or less 6 dice to the pool, which basically doubles a Disciple base pool. Considering that the damage can go up to 12, more or less, I fell that it's still little compared to firearms.

  2. The 10 again rules doesn't add much here since extra successes don't add to damage but can only lead to an Exceptional Success which can add only one to potency.

  3. No matter how powerful a spell potency is, it doesn't influence Paradox.

Maybe I'm missing something here. So my question is:

How can a character cast really powerful spells while still increasing the risk for the caster?

  • \$\begingroup\$ "more or less 6 dice to the pool"... actually at most you can have a +5 at the end or a -4 (which is a chance die, below that it just fails). You can keep adding potency (taking time adding yantras and so on) until that -4 if you have some condition that would allow your spell to trade it's chance die for a regular dice or an automatic success. \$\endgroup\$ – Txangel Mar 19 '19 at 10:39

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