Weighing Infusion states:

This infusion functions as entangling infusion, except it entangles and immobilizes a foe by increasing its weight, rather than surrounding it in elemental matter.

Entangling Infusion allows Escape Artist or Strength checks along with attacking the matter. I am wondering if because the matter is not present in Weighing that the Escape Artist and Attack checks would also not apply?


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No, weighing infusion still lets people attempt Strength or Escape Artist checks to get out of it.

If weighing infusion weren’t going to have the same rules for getting out of it that entangling infusion has, it would say that. Actually, it probably wouldn’t bother referencing entangling infusion at all, because that would be confusing and misleading.

On the other hand, attacking the entangling matter is out, since there is none.


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