I just found this site while searching for an answer to my question.

While I haven't played D&D yet, I am extremely interested in trying. I know a lot of DMs do things differently and are relatively loose with the rules (within reason I'm sure).

I've been thinking about making a Dragonborn character for whenever I get the opportunity to play, but I wanted to run a question by some DMs and see what they think.

I was thinking about creating a mixed heritage Dragonborn (ex. Red and Blue), knowing that both are different and thus give different breath weapons and resistances to their respective elements. I was hoping that the character could have access to both breath weapons and that they could be used in the same day in game. In order to counter what could potentially be a rule breaking and overpowered character I thought that for

  1. If said character were to use it's second breath weapon it would have to wait 2 long rests before being able to use the secondary breath again. While still allowing for the first or primary breath weapon to be used again after a short rest.

  2. As for the resistances offered by the heritages I was think it could be just a 25% resistance to the respective elements or I could only choose 1 element to get the full 50% resistance.

I hope that I'm clear with my idea and question. I'm also curious to know if any of y'all have ever come across someone wanting to do something similar.


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