My rogue friend has stolen something from me, and I want to take it back without them knowing it (at first). The object is inside a Bag of Holding that they keep on their person at all times.

Is there a spell to swap the empty Bag of Holding I have with the Bag of Holding they have? Or a spell to just teleport their Bag of Holding to my location?

Help this non-dexterous character one up their friend.

I am currently a level 9 blood hunter. Stat spread is 23/16/20/14/12/15.

I have tried a direct confrontation, but that did not go my way; I have even tried to grapple the rogue, but they were too slippery so they are now on guard even more.

I would prefer this to be subtle since I don't want to make an enemy of my whole party, but I am willing to direct a few spells at the rogue during combat so they reach 0 hit points and I can just waltz over and take the bag uncontested.


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