Some months ago, I was shown the Nobilis 2e book. I tried to gain a basic acquaintance with the principles of its system, but was soon swamped: it seemed like any explanations encountered in the book always went for big chunks covering every small detail, as opposed to a fractal approach where the long-winded description is preceded by a bird's eye view that only provides the key points first.

What are those basics, from a bird's eye view? How does the diceless point-spending resolution of actions work in general? What are the basic attributes (or however else the traits are called in this system)? Are there wholly separate mechanics for resolving miracle-magic and 'merely' superhuman competence?

Note: I'm acquainted with flexible/improvisational/freeform approaches to magic from other settings and systems (Mage the Ascension Spheres, Thaumatology Realm Magic etc.), so that part isn't a concept I have trouble grasping; this is predominately a mechanics question.

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