Okay, I love Dvati, because a race that is two bodies with one soul is awesome. But I sure wish they'd clarified how they worked a little more with the non-Vancian magic systems of D&D. This marks the third in a series of questions on the race, preceded by how they work with bardic music and how they work with Tome of Battle maneuvers. Gentlebeings, how do Dvati work with Incarnum feats, meldshaping, and chakra-binding?

Obviously, each body has the same feats and knows the same soulmelds. But do they have to split the number of soulmelds they can shape between each body (as well as chakra-binds), or does each body get the full package? For either case, do they have to mirror each other or can each body have a different 'load-out'? Or can only one body have shaped and/or bound soulmelds, like casting spells? I think it's fair to assume they share a single essentia pool, but who spends the swift action to shift essentia around? Incarnum magic items?

My thought is that you treat them as a single character; they each have the same soulmelds shaped/bound and the same distribution of essentia at all times, but what are your thoughts? As with the previous questions, I welcome answers of any justification, from flavor to RAW to balance to fun factor.


The Way I see it with the rules we have: Dvati twins are intended to be one single character but for some rules they are treated as 2 different entities:

  • They both benefit from feats, however if the feat gives only a single soulmeld such as Shape Soulmeld, you still get one. (feats such as toughness benefit both twins IMO since they both get the CON bonus to life and 3 HP/2 would not be fun)
  • The same logic can be applied with class abilities that gives a bonus to a pool of something such as spells, bardic music, soulmelds or a fixed number to something else (official rule)
  • Extra Chakra Bind states:

Benefit:The number of chakras to which you can bind soulmelds increases by one.

So if your ''character'' could have 3 chakra binds and now 4, it's 4 across the twins

  • There is always some exceptions such as personal spells for the Dvati twins:

Personal spells (those with a target of "you") affect both twins as long as they are on the same plane. Otherwise, they affect only the caster.

  • My suggestion to optimize this would be to use the Shape Soulmeld feat to get extra soulmelds beyond the limit of your chosen meldshaper class if you have one (this way you don't need to have so much Constitution and you can bypass the ''maximum soulmeld'' given by the meldshaper class with this but the maximum essentia invested in each soulmeld is still capped by level) in conjonction with Share Soulmeld wich can be used with an ally wich you have a special bond (it says familiar, mount or animal companion with whom you can share spells, but I think it is reasonable to allow this with ''yourself''because Dvati can share some spells (see Spell Conductor below) a way around this if the DM is severe and does not accept is to simply shape the soulmeld:soulspark familiar wich would benefit both twins if they stay within 5 feet of each other,since twin A shares to the familiar and the familiar shares his soulmeld benefit to you too, but I don't know if a DM would accept that the benefit giving from twin A to the familiar would transfer back to twin B as well but I would just simply allow share soulmeld to work with twins. Might be OP too, for balance reasons, testing should be done, but taking shape soulmeld a few times to fill the empty slots is 100% within the rules though)
  • For essentia ''movement'' I guess the twin moving the essentia must be the one spending the action, he could want to take some from the other twin, give some to his twin, it's the same soul so no conflict really, but I guess I would limit this to 5 feet from each other for the transfer of essentia but since spells can be shared across the same plane... why not allow this too?
  • Quote from Dragon Compendium p.17:

A pair of dvati twins shares all class abilities and spells slots between them. For example, a 3rd-level dvati bard can use bardic music three times per day in total, not three times for each twin. Personal spells (those with a target of "you") affect both twins as long as they are on the same plane. Otherwise, they affect only the caster. Other spells function as normal. For example, a touch spell normally affects only the specific twin touched. The spell conductor ability (detailed below) allows the dvati to share some spells. A mind-affecting
ability or spell that affects one twin affects both of them. If a single such ability targets both twins at the same time, they make only one save between them. Dvati twins share one mind.

This officialy answers a part of your question and other questions for bardic music for a pool of abilities etc.

From Dragon Compendium p.18

Spell Conductor: A dvati twin can choose to shift a spell that affects him to his twin so long as both of them are on the same plane. The shifted spell must have a range of touch and it must also be harmless. Using this ability requires a move action to focus and channel the spell's power. Aside from the
change in target, the spell's duration and effects continue as normal.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Just to be clear, only the twin ''wearing'' the soulmeld (it's a magic item after all) has the benefit, unless shape soulmeld is accepted by the DM. \$\endgroup\$ – Maxime Cuillerier Dec 2 '19 at 7:11

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