Okay, I love Dvati, because a race that is two bodies with one soul is awesome. But I sure wish they'd clarified how they worked a little more with the non-Vancian magic systems of D&D. This marks the third in a series of questions on the race, preceded by how they work with bardic music and how they work with Tome of Battle maneuvers. Gentlebeings, how do Dvati work with Incarnum feats, meldshaping, and chakra-binding?

Obviously, each body has the same feats and knows the same soulmelds. But do they have to split the number of soulmelds they can shape between each body (as well as chakra-binds), or does each body get the full package? For either case, do they have to mirror each other or can each body have a different 'load-out'? Or can only one body have shaped and/or bound soulmelds, like casting spells? I think it's fair to assume they share a single essentia pool, but who spends the swift action to shift essentia around? Incarnum magic items?

My thought is that you treat them as a single character; they each have the same soulmelds shaped/bound and the same distribution of essentia at all times, but what are your thoughts? As with the previous questions, I welcome answers of any justification, from flavor to RAW to balance to fun factor.


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