For spell casting classes like clerics, druids and wizards they can change their prepared spells following a long rest. Does this have to be immediately following a long rest with nothing in between or could a character cast some spells first?

For example, a wizard might cast mage armor on themselves following a long rest, but then prepare a new set of spells not including mage armor.

Also, are you restricted to preparing new spells only once per long rest? Or could a spell caster prepare spells, cast one or more of then, then prepare a new spell list?


The wording is not "following a long rest", its "when you finish a long rest".

"Finishing a long rest" is that moment in time when the long rest ends - not any time before or after. You cannot cast a spell in between finishing a long rest and changing your list of prepared spells.

See Cleric, Druid and Wizard.

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