In Eberron, specifically on the continent of Khorvaire, the half-elves have lived on the continent for centuries, to the extent that the majority of half-elves are descended from half-elven parents, and they are effectively their own true race.

It seems peculiar to me that they would still be called "half-elves" rather than their own name.

Does their race have any canonical name other than half-elves?


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The technical term is "Khoravar".

From the section on half-elves in the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron (p. 77-78), under the heading "The Khoravar":

When two half-elves conceive, the child is always a half-elf. Over the course of generations, families and communities of half-elves have developed their own cultural identity. Members of these families generally dislike the term “half-elf;” they call themselves Khoravar, an Elven term meaning “children of Khorvaire.”

The rest of the section describes the Khoravar culture.


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