Each time I get curious about WtO and try reading about parts of its setting, I hit a lot of crosslinks but am having trouble envisioning the basic zoomed-out geography and how they all relate to each other. Maybe I'm missing some sort of cosmological assumption and don't know how to ask about it because it's an unknown unknown.

Sometimes I encounter writings that give an impression that some of these locations are 'stacked' in the three spatial dimensions but vary by a fourth spatial dimension coordinate, and at other times I have an impression they're meant to be navigable by spatially-3D beings; which one is it? How exactly does a Wraith move from the 'normal' world where it can possess computers and scare mortals to the 'esoteric' one with maelstroms and kingdoms? What are the connecting paths or 'paths' like?

I am also unsure about whether some geographical terms are meant to be parsed mostly literally, or very metaphorically (e.g. whether 'river' with 'shores' refers to a watery path surrounded by solid ground, or is more like a current, and whether the Tempest is meant to be visualised as a literal water in which one may swim or drown).


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