I remember from back when I played 4th edition more, that there exists within the lore some sort of Abberation creature that was described as being "a living planet, from the Far Realm".

It's supposedly a living thing, an Epic level opponent, and had some interesting lore associated with it.

I'm trying to recycle some of that lore into my 5th edition game, but I can't remember the name of this creature, or where I found it. Can anyone remember what this thing was called, and which book it was originally printed in?


Allabar, Opener of the Way

The 4th edition book Monster Manual 3, page 186-187, details Allabar, Opener of the Way as a gargantuan level 30 solo soldier.

It's one of a group of beings called Star Spawn, and is a planet created by primordials and inspired to life by the gods, who feared what they created an exiled it to the Far Realm. It's probably the biggest creature in D&D 4th edition, and even the Monster Manual 3 suggests that actually fighting a planet is ludicrous.


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