Are there any divine spellcasting Prestige Classes that are similar in feel to the Abjurant Champion? Specifically I'm looking for a divine match to the 5th level class feature Martial Arcanist reproduced below:

Martial Arcanist (Ex): At 5th level, you master the art of combining your militant and mystical training. From this point on, your caster level in a chosen arcane spellcasting class is equal to your base attack bonus (unless it would otherwise be higher). For example, a 7th-level fighter/1st-level wizard/5th-level abjurant champion has a base attack bonus of +12 (and thus a caster level of 12th). You can apply this benefit to only one arcane class to which you have added spellcasting levels by your advancement as an abjurant champion.


No, the martial arcanist feature is unique to the abjurant champion, and not found on any divine prestige class. It’s impossible to prove a negative, of course, but I am about 98% confident in this statement.

Do note the Practiced Spellcaster feat found in Complete Arcane or Complete Divine—that can effectively make up to four levels that don’t progress your caster level start to progress it. That is good enough for the overwhelming majority of situations.

If it isn’t, this indicates that you are doing something decidedly sub-optimal, since it means you are losing a lot of spellcasting levels and optimally you would lose none (almost nothing is worth missing out on spellcasting progression). That’s fine as long as you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the consequences (since spellcasters are the most powerful classes in the game, they can afford a lot of sub-optimality), but it does leave room to possibly discuss the situation with your DM. If you are interested in, say, a very-weak prestige class that misses a lot of spellcasting levels, your DM may be willing to reduce how many levels of spellcasting that class misses, or allow those levels to at least progress caster level. Or maybe they’d be comfortable allowing a divine version of the abjurant champion—after all, the benefits of abjurant champion tend to be more valuable to an arcanist than a divine spellcaster anyway.


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