I have been trying to work out how to build a spell, or invested device, to allow my Ars Magica Magus to astrally project, but been finding it difficult.

As a Mentem specialist, and I would like them to be able to un-tether their mind from their body so that it may venture forth. As a group, we already have access to scrying and teleportation spells, plus opening the intangible tunnel etc. but I wanted a more flexible way to scout without the need for arcane connections.

What I want my spell to achieve is to allow my magus to:

  • Move their mind, based on the range of the spell
  • Cast spells where their mind is located
  • Perceive their surroundings (most likely just minds, without casting spells to perceive other things)
  • Be protected by their Parma Magicka

Based on teleport being Rego Corpus, I thought the best method might be Rego Mentem, but looking through the guidelines, that's all about controlling other peoples minds rather than moving minds (other than Exchange...). Muto Mentem is similar, and I can't find anything in the Animal guidelines which might help either.

I suspect the key factor may be the casting spells, so it might be best to build this as a General level ReMe(Vi) or ReVi(Me) spell, where the level of spell will determine the level of spells able to be cast at range, but I'm having difficulty trying to work out what the +/- factor would be.

The other problem with basing it on Opening the Intangible Tunnel is that it feels like the mind is staying where it is, but it's just moving the end if the tunnel to affect/perceive the world. I actually want the story possibility of an out of body experience. Maybe the answer is to separate the two, and have one spell to move the mind, and then use the knowledge gained to provide the arcane connection to target the Opening the Intangible Tunnel or Summoning the Distant Image etc.

As always, references from the rules as written, and or house rules based on actual experience would be appreciated.

Note: We are playing 4th edition, but with house rules on spell penetration based on those in 5th edition.


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