Can a good aligned Dhampir use the spell or effects of Cure Wounds on him/herself and bypass their Negative Energy Affinity or would you still need the Life-Dominant Soul feat to at least heal for half?

Negative Energy Affinity (Ex): The creature is alive, but is treated as undead for all effects that affect undead differently than living creatures, such as cure spells and channeled energy.


Life-Dominant Soul
Prerequisite: Dhampir

Benefit: You are healed by channeled positive energy used to heal living creatures and channeled negative energy used to heal undead, but both only heal half the normal amount. You still take damage from positive energy used to harm undead, such as that from channeled energy and lay on hands.

Ex: a Dhampir Cleric or Bard

using a potion or scroll

using a strike or Boost from the Silver Crane discipline for Path of War

Path of War: Silver Crane


No. Positive energy (without the feat or something else) hurts you. So a wand of cure is a bad investment. What you want is a wand of inflict. Will do the healing for you since negative energy is good for you. The spells that grant fast healing would also work properly as they are not energy based.

  • \$\begingroup\$ What about potions? Aren't they alchemical in nature? I doubt a mixture of chemicals has a "positive/negative energy". Unless were talking about an electrochemical energy via conducting a negative or positive charge. Could potions be as neutral as non positive energy Fast Heal spell or effect. \$\endgroup\$ – Jhyarelle Silver Mar 24 at 18:47
  • 1
    \$\begingroup\$ Potions in Pathfinder are liquid spells. A potion of cure light wounds is the same as casting a cure light wounds spell on yourself, and will hurt most undead, and the undead-like dhampir. A potion of inflict light wounds will heal them, though. Infernal healing or another fast healing source is probably your best bet for non-combat healing, but a wand of inflict light wounds could have multiple uses... \$\endgroup\$ – gatherer818 Mar 24 at 18:59

By default, a Dhampir with just the Negative Energy Affinity Racial trait would be unable to heal herself with any spell or effect relying on positive energy for healing, such as the various Cure Wounds spells, which state

...you channel positive energy that cures... Since undead are powered by negative energy, this spell deals damage to them instead of curing their wounds.

or the Heal spell which says

If used against an undead creature, heal instead acts like harm.

If the Dhampir has the Life-Dominant Soul feat, then most of these healing methods will also work at half-effect on the Dhampir, rather than injuring them further. The majority of these effects mention they are channeling positive energy, although there could be specific spells that do not.

There are a few healing spells that don't rely on either positive or negative energy, such as Celestial and Infernal Healing, or Regenerate. These would be able to heal the Dhampir, the same as any other creature, regardless of any feats. The Treat Deadly Wounds usage of the Heal skill would also work on any Dhampir. The Kinetic Healer Wild Talent works on Living Creatures, and does not rely on channeled energy, so should also work.


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